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Welcome to Fern Ember Dog Behaviour


We provide Behaviour Rehabilitation and Training for dogs and their owners from our training centres near Lincoln UK and via our Online Programmes for those living further afield. 




Our Thinking-dog method is based on helping you understand the reasons behind your dogs' behaviour so that issues can be resolved together. We help you feel confident in working with your dog by building a calm, responsive relationship where you and your dog are able to listen to and understand each other. We are passionate about using kind, force-free methods to guide you in finding workable solutions to manage your dog's behaviour. 

We have a special interest in Romanian and overseas Rescue Dogs and have many years experience of working with dogs from overseas to help them settle into their new lives in the UK. Our PDF booklet: New Rescue Dog, New World is used by rescue centres in the UK.



Behaviour Consultations:  providing workable solutions for all behaviour issues.

Puppy Classes and Intensive Puppy Training Course: teaching you to help your puppy become calm and confident in every situation.

Social Skills Training: teaching dogs how to be responsive to their owners, and calm and well-mannered with other dogs and people

Thinking-Dog Online Distance Programme: offering support and guidance to owners nationally and world-wide with behaviour issues and rehabilitation



We started our journey with Fern and the team a few years ago. Our second dog, Barney, was anxious in almost every situation a dog could be in, from meeting new people and dogs, to horses going past our house or any animal appearing on TV. With Fern's help and continuous support, this year we managed to enjoy our holiday, taking Barney to a busy seaside resort where he was happy to sit on his settle mat and watch the world go by. We have also progressed through the classes and he is now able to be in the school yard with other dogs. We recently got a puppy and have started Hattie on her way to becoming a thinking dog, but the real joy is Barney is able to play with his new friend with little anxiety, we have had ups and downs but Fern and the team have guided us through with patience and knowledge, we would highly recommend Fern and the team without hesitation.


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