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Please be aware that we will hold all sessions online if strict COVID-19 regulations are put in place and we are unable to deliver face-to-face appointments. Please do not book a face-to-face session if you are unable to take this appointment virtually; via Zoom, Whats App or FaceTime should the need arise. We are currently carrying out face-to-face consultations/classes in our training halls at Aisthorpe and Dunholme. Home visits can be arranged for very young puppies or dogs/puppies with travel issues.



  • Rehabilitating all behaviour issues
  • Recommended by local vets, pet stores and pet sitting agencies
  • Calm, force-free training, creating calm, happy dogs


Welcome to Fern Ember Dog Behaviour.


We provide Behaviour Rehabilitation and Training for dogs and their owners in Lincolnshire, as well as distance support for dogs further afield via our Online Programmes.  

We specialise in behaviour issues, helping owners to understand their dogs’ behaviour and helping you reach solutions together.


Our Thinking-dog method is based on teaching a close connection between owners and dogs so that problems can be resolved, and dogs can learn to be calm, settled and content in their daily lives.

We have a special interest in Romanian and overseas Rescue Dogs and have many years experience of working with dogs from overseas to help them settle into their new lives in the UK. Our PDF booklet: New Rescue Dog, New World is used by rescue centres in the UK.

All our work is based on creating a calm, connected relationship between dogs and their families, which helps dogs and owners learn to listen to and understand each other.




  • Behaviour Consultations:  providing workable solutions for all behaviour issues.

  • Puppy Programme and Puppy Classes: giving guidance through your puppy's early weeks at home and teaching you to help your puppy become calm and confident in every situation.

  • Social Skills Training: teaching dogs how to be responsive to their owners, and calm and well-mannered with other dogs and people

  • Thinking-Dog Online Distance Programme: offering support and guidance to owners nationally and world-wide with behaviour issues and rehabilitation


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Thinking-dog is a scientific method based on force-free training. It is a training technique based on the science of how dogs learn and how they view their world.

By teaching owners to understand their dogs and accurately read their behaviour, we help them work together to overcome any problem. 

Thinking-dog teaches owners to train dogs, so that they turn from reacting dogs into Thinking-dogs who are able to think things through and react calmly in all situations.

 I did not believe that in a few short months my household would be one of calmer happier dogs and owners and I am amazed that is what I now have. Since Fern's input, family, friends and neighbours all comment on how much better and quieter the boys are.

Lisa Holt, with Barney and Clyde, Sleaford

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