The Thinking-dog Behaviour Programme aims to help you work with any issues that are problematic for you and your dog. 

We start with a questionnaire sent via email, which asks you to outline any problems you're having with your dog and gives me a clear picture of your dog's needs and how we can work together. The next step is a face to face consultation. 

                                                                          HOW IT WORKS

Working with you face to face lets me see how your dog behaves on a day-to-day basis. I spend approximately 90 minutes observing your dog's behaviour, understanding the root of any problems you're having and teaching you the skills to work with those issues.

The work I do is very practical. Our first consultation teaches you the skills you need to train your dog to function more calmly at home and out-and-about. After this session, you can choose to receive an emailed Behaviour Support Plan which is tailored to your dog's needs. 


After your first session we then follow-up with a training programme that is held at our training halls near Lincoln. These cost £75 per hour. You can then opt for a written Support Plan for a further charge. 




  • £170 per session (£21.25 per additional quarter hour after 2 hrs)

  • Basic, Foundation and Intermediate Behaviour Support Plans are available at £25, £35 and £45

  • Follow-up sessions are charged at £37.50 per half hour 

  • Each additional quarter hour in any follow up session is charged at £18.75

Please email for further details.