We teach owners how to train their dogs to become calm and confident in all situations, including vet visits, grooming, and how to behave calmly both at home and out-and-about. 


We teach the following skills:

  • Social skills with dogs and people

  • Loose Lead walking

  • Polite greetings

  • Recall

  • Handling and grooming

  • Vet visits and new places

  • How to deal with problems, such as nipping, jumping-up and chewing

  • Advice on neutering, vaccinations, nutrition, crate-training and exercise

We teach social skills rather than obedience tasks. This means that we don't teach "sit" or "stay" on cue because learning obedience tasks tends to teach dogs to sit for a moment and then stand up again until they’re told to sit again, whereas learning social skills teaches them to settle quietly next to their owners for as long as they’re required to.

Our classes are not suitable for owners who would like their puppies/dogs to learn obedience training. Please also be aware that we do not use any form of force or pressure in class, which includes using ‘aha’ or ‘no’. Instead, we teach owners the skills to teach their dogs what to do instead of unwanted behaviour, such as settling quietly next to their owner instead of jumping up.



Classes are taught by Fern and our team of assistant trainers, working with small groups of a maximum of 4 dogs, with two trainers in each group to ensure that dogs and owners get individual support.



These classes are not suitable for dogs who bark, lunge or growl at other dogs or people. Please click the link below for my Thinking-dog Behaviour Programme if you need help with these issues.



The Thinking-dog Social Skills Course costs £80 for 4 classes. You will need to attend an induction session with your dog before joining classes, which lasts for 30 minutes and costs £37.50.

If, after this session, we feel that your dog is ready, we will enrol you into classes. Some dogs may need more intensive 1-1 sessions, which will either take place at Dunholme Old School Community Centre or Brattleby Aisthorpe and Scampton Village Hall

If you would like to sign-up, please email