Did you know that most nipping from puppies is because they get played with too often, for too long?

Over-excited, tired puppies are more likely to nip.

Did you know that the crucial age for introducing your puppy to new things is between 4 and 12 weeks? 

These experiences start before she comes to live with you, and they lay the foundations for the rest of her life. 

Get it right and you will have a loving, calm companion for many years.

Did you know that pet dogs, including puppies, should sleep for 17 hours a day?

Calm, happy dogs sleep long hours to remain physically and mentally healthy


Our Thinking-puppy Social Skills Programme helps you come through the earliest weeks of your puppy's new life with you.

We can give you 1-1 support with your new puppy in a face to face consultation, or you can attend our Thinking-puppy Social Skills classes once your puppy is ready. We are also offering Virtual online Consultations for clients further afield.


Getting a new puppy is exciting and can be the result of months of dreaming of a cuddly little ball of fluff. Even experienced owners can find the first few weeks a bit challenging, though, because having a puppy is a bit like having a mischievous toddler in the house. 


Puppies need a lot of help learning how to behave as they go through their first 6 weeks in their new home.


All puppies chew, nip, and have several crazy 5 minutes every day. How you teach them to control those urges is vital to them becoming calm, well-mannered adults.


Getting them off to a good start is better if you can prepare weeks in advance of collecting your puppy, and many of the owners we have worked with have contacted us up to a month before collecting their pup, so that they can work with our New Puppy New World book.



This PDF book helps you prepare your home for your new puppy so that it feels safe for her. It also gives a lot of tips about how to puppy-proof your home to limit the amount of damage that sharp, inquisitive teeth can do. It includes useful advice from how to prepare your pup for leaving her mum, to collecting your puppy from the breeder, and how to settle her into her new home.

We also use the booklet in our work with Paws and Learn, helping our PAL Puppies get off to the best start in their lives as working dogs in schools.



These sessions are for puppies of between 8 weeks and 5 months. We hold 4 sessions, covering All Things Puppy:

  • Advice for owners on nutrition, exercise and basic health.

  • How to cope with typical puppy problems, such as nipping, house-training chewing, and jumping-up.

  • How to get your puppy used to being handled and groomed.

  • Appropriate play with puppies.

  • How to increase your puppy's calmness levels and decrease her excitement levels.

  • How to socialise your puppy with other dogs, people and new places.

  • How to cope with traffic, loud noises and new experiences.

  • Loose lead walking.

  • How to be polite and well mannered around other dogs and people.


We start with a 2 hour session with your puppy and your family, where you learn how to teach your puppy to focus on you and how to be calm when you want her to be.

This session costs £170.

We follow-up with an hour's session where you learn to walk your puppy on a loose lead and how to get focus when you want it when you're out and about. In this session I teach you how to introduce your puppy to new experiences so that she feels safe, calm and happy.

This session costs £75 per hour, then £18.75 per extra quarter hour.

Your third session teaches you how to handle your puppy in public, and how to teach her to focus on you when you want her to. You will learn how to manage her around other dogs and people so that she feels confident and calm.

This session costs £75 per hour, then £18.75 per extra quarter hour.

  • £170 per session (£21.25 per additional quarter hour after 2 hrs)

  • Follow-up sessions are charged at £75 per hour 

  • Each additional quarter hour in any follow up session is charged at £18.75

After this session you may feel that you would like to continue working in 121 follow-up sessions and there will be an option to continue having half hour training sessions. These cost £37.50 per half hour, then £18.75 per quarter hour.

Did you know that a puppy should be walked for no longer than 5 minutes, per month of age, per day?

This ensures healthy bones, muscles, brain and heart as she gets older

Did you know that dogs fed on a Grain-free diet are much calmer and healthier than dogs fed on cereals and grains?