This programme is for long-distance clients. I give clients online support via email, Skype, Facebook messenger and telephone calls, working with dogs and their owners from as far afield as Canada and France to Yorkshire and Dorset.


The programme consists of 4 sessions with either a telephone or Skype consultation.

Each session results in a full Behaviour Rehabilitation Plan which is emailed to the client within 48 hours of the session and is tailored to your dog's needs.

The programme includes the following booklets which are available in a PDF format, at a cost of  £1.50 each, exclusively priced for those following the Thinking-Dog Programme.


Click to Connect- Shaping the Thinking-Dog's Focus

Loose Lead Walking

Calm Sniffly Walks for the Thinking-Dog

Nutrition - free of charge



Other relevant booklets will be sent to the client once the dog's issues have been assessed.

  • Telephone or Skype consultation: £60 for first phone consultation, based on a questionnaire completed by the client. This includes a full Behaviour Rehabilitation Plan.

  • Follow-up calls: £15 per quarter hour plus £20 per Behaviour Modification Plan

  • ‘Chat’ on Facebook - free for the first quarter hour, then £15 per quarter hour


All these services are pre-arranged at a convenient time, and pre-paid by BACS

Tia - South Yorkshire

Ellie - France

Costas - Dorset

Grace - Dorset

Ziggy - Northumbria