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Fern has really helped us manage our dogs reactivity and anxiety in the home, not just with how we can de-escalate situations and improve the dogs behaviour but how we can change our mindset and way of approaching things. Seeing Fern has really helped us look at things in a completely different way and the advice we have had has been invaluable. Fern is always kind and understanding so it has always felt like we could have open and completely honest conversations. I couldn't recommend highly enough. 


Fern was very professional and knowledgeable. We felt very at ease. There's a lot that we have taken away from our sessions with her :)

We had 3 1-1 sessions, Franklyn has definitely responded well and we will continue to put what we have learnt into practice


Fern and the team are absolutely fantastic. Our Border Collie goes from 0-100 in a split second; but after going to Fern we have learned how to keep him calm in various situations, and he continues to improve.Can’t recommend highly enough!


We made contact with Fern after our dog, Milo (GSD and Malamute), lost control on a walk after close contact with another dog both on leads. He had always disliked other dogs getting close but this episode was scary and we knew something had to be done before someone got hurt! Our vet had suggested Fern and gave us contact details. After a telephone consultation and completing an in-depth questionnaire we met with Fern. We have now completed 3 sessions and worked hard with Milo between sessions. We have seen a marked improvement with him. He is more relaxed and hence is enjoying his walks much more. The work is still ongoing and there is a lot more to do. But with Ferns help we are getting a more sociable dog and less stressful walks. 

Keith and Debbie

We recently benefited from a 1:1 session with Fern who was so kind and caring with our puppy Cody .

She taught us techniques to help Cody overcome his guarding issues which we are now using to good effect .We would definitely recommend Fern to any one with behavioural difficulties with their puppy


Fern and her team are fantastic. Fern genuinely cares, really wants to help and has taught us so much about our dogs and their behaviours. We have worked with Fern for our boisterous GSD puppy and then also with our nervous Romanian rescue dog. We have attended the group classes and also had 1x1 sessions with Fern and have seen a great improvement in our dogs and as dog owners we have learnt so much!


We have recently started working with Fern. It's understandable why she comes highly recommended. Both her and Claire were very understanding when we had to postpone getting our dog booked in due to personal circumstances. We had our first session on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it. We have been provided with lots of resources to take in! The in person session was not rushed in any way, and Fern really takes her time to guide and advise you with what will work well for both you and your dog. She is always available for advice outside of the sessions. We're obviously at the beginning of our journey but can't wait to continue. As an owner for a very nervous/reactive dog, there is zero judgement and you feel very supported!


We, and our puppy, have learned lots of different ways to stay calm and work together since attending Ferns Thinking Puppy Classes. I wholeheartedly recommend Ferns methods, whether you have had dogs previously or are a new owner there are always new things to learn.


Amazing work by Fern!! The transformation of my dog Bruno over just 3 sessions has been incredible and he’s starting to become a very well behaved much calmer boy!


Cannot recommend Fern Ember and her team enough. We have just completed our initial 6 week puppy course with them and have since enrolled into their foundation training phase 2 course. The information taught has been invaluable to us and our puppy, who enjoys attending the courses very much.


Fern has given my family and I fantastic support with our teenage bull terrier. Not only in helping us manage Dolly’s difficult behaviour, but in helping us understand how to adapt our own behaviour to help her. We have a much happier and calmer household as a result! I honestly can’t thank Fern enough!


We've been working with Fern on the 'Social Skills Programme' learning how to calm & connect with our slightly crazy rescue sprollie. We love Fern's approach; she doesn't promise any quick fixes but she does help you understand your dog's behaviour from the canine perspective and teaches you strategies to build & strengthen your bond with your dog. Over the four sessions, we've already seen a huge difference in our girl's "fizziness" (Fern's word, we're not always so kind in our language) & can see a future where we have a calm, connected and controlled canine companion Have to mention Fern's lovely, helpful admin lady, Claire, too - thank you for everything you do ladies

Bosch’s Mum

I recently had the pleasure of working with Fern Ember as my puppy trainer, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Fern was instrumental in helping me improve the behaviour of my puppy, Ruby, particularly on walks. Fern's friendly, approachable demeanor put us both at ease and made the training experience a truly positive one and her expertise and guidance were invaluable throughout the training process. Overall, I would highly recommend Fern Ember to anyone who is looking for a puppy trainer. Her skills, expertise, and compassionate approach make her a true asset to anyone looking to learn how to relate better with their dog. Thank you, Fern, for all advice in helping Ruby and me achieve our training goals


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