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My Story

I first established my Dog Training and Behaviour Rehabilitation company in 2005, after working with a national Whippet Rescue as their behaviourist for 2 years.

Since 2005, I have worked with hundreds of dogs, both in Rescue and with private clients using my Thinking-dog technique, which I developed having lived and worked with dogs for over 40 years.

Fern Ember Dog Behaviour has grown as a company and we now have a team of trainers and training assistants. One day they'll let me take their photographs and create a web page demonstrating their talent and background with dogs! 

We support dogs and their owners around the world, working with hundreds of dogs and their owners both online and face-to-face. Dogs and their families travel from as far afield as London and North Yorkshire to join our classes and to see us in 121 sessions. You can see what our clients say about us on our testimonials page.


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Our Philosophy


I'm a full member of the Pet Professional Guild and follow their ethos of No Pain, No Force, No Fear in all my work.

Our work with dogs has been based on understanding how they communicate with each other and with the humans they live with.  Many of the problems that can arise with our dogs is because they are often misinterpreted and their behaviour is often misunderstood. Our job is to act as a translator: to deepen the relationship between you and your dog so that you can learn to understand each other and work together.

                                      TROUBLED DOGS

Because many of us live with our dogs in high-density areas, where dogs are exposed to more noise, hustle-and-bustle, excitement and stimulation than they were in the past, we have more dogs with behavioural issues than ever before.

Vets, groomers and pet-sitters are dealing with increasing numbers of fearful or 'aggressive' dogs who have issues with both dogs and people. Having worked in rescue, and with local vets and pet-sitters, I've become more and more aware there is a real need in the UK for support for owners who live with troubled dogs.



                         UNDERSTANDING DOGS

I've lived in a multi-dog household all my adult life, with numbers ranging from 3 to 8 at any one time, which has helped me reach a deep understanding of how to read dogs and given me insight into why they behave in the ways they do.


Our Thinking-Dog method is based on 'translating' what dogs are trying to say to the people in their lives and helping them to live calmer, happier lives together.


Working closely with dogs and their families, we're able to teach them how to understand each other and communicate clearly. Many clients become highly skilled at understanding all dogs (not just their own) and say that their lives have been enhanced by the knowledge they have gained about canine communication and experience.

Our lives are enriched by living with dogs. Every owner comes to us because they love their dog and want to help them have happier, more fulfilled lives. We help owners and dogs become closer, based on a real understanding of  what dogs need.



We work closely with, and are recommended by, local vets, local rescues, groomers, pet-sitters, Lincoln Pets Corner store, Taylors of Welton Petshop and Lincoln Pets At Home stores, to support owners from the early days of puppy-hood through to adulthood.

We work with Bedlington Terrier Rescue Foundation and the RSPCA in supporting rescue dogs in kennels, foster homes and in their new homes. RSPCA East Lincolnshire provide their new adopters with my booklet New Rescue Dog New World to help them understand how to settle their dogs happily into their new homes.

Teaching owners to understand, manage and train their dogs means that we have helped hundreds of dogs become happy, calm companions for the rest of their adult lives.



‘Thank you so much for the extremely professional notes, just brilliant, and will be very useful.’ 
Julie Faye and Ellie (Boxer), Lincoln 
‘Thank you so much for replying to my pleas of help on the Scruples page a few weeks ago, your suggestions were great and as I have said, seem to have done the trick. We all feel that we can now enjoy Roxy and it’s now a pleasure to be with her.’ 
Jenny Lowe and Roxy (Whippet), via email support
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