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I've lived and worked with dogs for over 47 years. Our family currently share our home with three oldies: Moth & Maggie the whippets, and Archie the lurcher. Until 2021 we also lived with Lily, another whippet and with Betty, our rescue staffie. They were both very sweet girls who are very missed – you can catch up with them on Facebook where they still have conversations with Archie from Cloud 9!  


We've shared our home with over 35 dogs in the last 25 years. Some of our fosters have stayed less than a week before finding their forever home, some have lived with us for the rest of their lives. We've lived with blind, deaf, disabled dogs and dogs who have had every behaviour issue imaginable. They’ve all taught me something about what makes dogs tick, and have helped me develop our Thinking-Dog method over the years.


Our dogs teach me new things every day – living with them and loving them has given me the best job in the world!

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