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The purpose of the Puppy Programme is to support you in building strong foundations so that you raise a calm, confident puppy during the first 12 weeks of his or her life.

The programme lasts 8 weeks, starting 4 weeks before your puppy arrives in your home.  During this time, I send out booklets to help you prepare your home for your puppy and to help you through that all important first night and day. Then there are helpful tips and guidance to see you through the next few weeks of your puppy's life with you.

If you already have your puppy, the programme lasts 6 weeks and you will receive booklets to help you teach your puppy to be calm, confident and content, both at home and out and about.



The packages costs £250 and includes:

  • 4 Skype or Zoom sessions at any time during the programme

  • 6 support emails during the 16 weeks of the programme (2 – if required - in the 4 week period before your puppy arrives and the remainder during the weeks when your puppy is living with you)

  • WhatsApp or Messenger support





By creating calmness in your puppy, and by only reinforcing calm behaviour, you will raise a calm, independent pup who is able to learn to control her own puppy-ish behaviour. We do this by using many problem-solving brain-games and training tasks throughout our work together. The end result is a calm, confident puppy.



If you require any Skype/Phone calls beyond the 4 included in the package, they are chargeable at £12.50 per quarter hour. Extra emails are also charged at £12.50 each. Both are payable in advance.

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