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Intensive Puppy Training Course



Our Intensive Puppy Training Course offers a 1:1 bespoke experience for puppies up to 8 months. The sessions teach your puppy to feel calm, confident and able to focus on you in all situations.


Skills covered:

  • Walking calmly on the lead

  • Settling when asked

  • Reliable recall, no matter what the distractions may be

  • How to be calm around other dogs and people. 

The course is also useful for puppies who are a little shy and uneasy about going for walks. If your pup is fearful of traffic or being outside beyond the security of your home, the course will help you build confidence and security when out and about. 

Sessions run at Brattleby, Aisthorpe and Scampton Village Hall




Initial Session

The first session focuses on any issues that you are having with your puppy and gives you foundation training skills to create instant focus and calmness.




Follow-on Sessions

A range of skills can be covered in subsequent sessions:

  • How to deal with puppy problems, such as nipping, jumping-up and chewing

  • Social skills - how to be calm and well-mannered with dogs and people

  • Loose Lead walking

  • Polite greetings

  • Recall

  • Handling and grooming 

  • Vet visits and new places




Session one:

£75 per 60 minute session

£18.75 per 15 minutes if the initial hour is exceeded

Follow up sessions

£37.50 per 30 minute session

£18.75 per 15 mins if the initial 30 minutes is exceeded 

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