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We teach owners how to train their puppies to become calm and confident in all situations, including vet visits, grooming, and how to behave calmly both at home and out-and-about. 


We teach the following skills:

  • Social skills with dogs and people

  • Loose Lead walking

  • Polite greetings

  • Recall

  • Handling and grooming

  • Vet visits and new places

  • How to deal with puppy problems, such as nipping, jumping-up and chewing

  • Advice on neutering, vaccinations, nutrition, crate-training, toilet-training and exercise

We teach social skills and life skills, helping our owners and their puppies to navigate the world together. Our puppies learn how to approach everything calmly, confidently and politely so that they grow up into well-mannered, happy dogs.


Classes are taught by Fern or Sandra, together with our team of trainers. We work with small groups of a maximum of 6 puppies, with two trainers in each group to ensure that puppies and owners get individual support.


The Thinking-puppy Social Skills Course is made up of six sessions and costs £120 payable by BACS upon enrolment.

Payment is to be made within 48 hours of enrolment to ensure a place.

We generally have waiting lists for our classes up to 6 weeks ahead. Owners in this situation often sign-up to our Thinking-dog Puppy Programme to get started with teaching their puppies social skills. Please click here to see details about the Puppy Programme

Classes are held at:

Dunholme Old School Community Centre. 


Saturday mornings or Tuesday evenings

email: to book your place

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