Our Thinking-Dog Social Skills Programme is for dogs aged 6 months and over. They aim to help your young dog become well socialised and well-mannered both at home and out-and-about.

Most dogs go through a period between 5 months and 2 years where they have bouts of behaving like giddy teenagers. Their hormones are surging and they're learning who they are and how they fit into the world. You may have found that your very sweet, well-behaved puppy suddenly turned into a boisterous thug when she hit her teens! 

Many owners feel they need help with this stage.They find their pups become erratic with recall, they pull on the lead and can be overly bouncy around people and other dogs.

This programme isn't just for teenage dogs, though. Some dogs come to me at a much older age, either because they are rescue dogs or because they have never learned how to be calm. If you have a dog like this, then the Thinking-dog Social Skills Programme is for you both.

We start with a 1 hour assessment at home where I observe your dog and we discuss the skills that you would like to learn together. I teach you how to help your dog focus on you and how to be calm. This session costs £65. 


This session also includes time spent learning how to walk on a loose lead and how to refer to you on a walk, which creates a dog who is consistently calm and well-mannered in public.

We follow-up with either a further hour's session at home and in the streets around your home, or the option to join classes.


In this session you will learn to put into practice the skills I teach about how to handle your dog when out-and-about. The session costs £50.

The third session is an hour's session either at home and in the streets where you live, or in a safe place where we can walk your dog. This session is about consolidating the skills that you have learned, and costs £50.

After your third session, you may feel that you would like to continue working with other dogs who are learning similar skills and there will be an option to continue having half hour training sessions. This may involve working in pairs with other owners and their dogs. Each of these sessions costs £25 if you are working alone with your dog, or £15 if you're sharing a session with other customers.

If your dog has reached a level where you are able to attend a class, there is the option to join our Social Skills Classes. 



We teach social skills rather than obedience tasks. This means that we don't teach "sit" or "stay" on cue because learning obedience tasks tends to teach dogs to sit for a moment and then stand up again until they’re told to sit again, whereas learning social skills teaches them to settle quietly next to their owners for as long as they’re required to.

Our classes are not suitable for owners who would like their puppies/dogs to learn obedience training. Please also be aware that we do not use any form of force or pressure in class, which includes using ‘aha’ or ‘no’. Instead, we teach owners the skills to teach their dogs what to do instead of unwanted behaviour, such as settling quietly next to their owner instead of jumping up.




£75 per session. Most sessions last one hour, but are chargeable at £18.75 per quarter hour if they exceed an hour.

Follow-up sessions are charged at £30 per half hour 

Each subsequent quarter hour is charged at £15

Please call 07908427031 or email me at for further details.

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Waffle refers to Dad when he sees Finn

He looks calmly at Finn

He's very interested in Finn, but doesn't try to approach him

Instead, he refers straight back to Dad