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Fern Ember Dog Behaviour treats the privacy of their study clients (hereinafter referred to as the ‘data subject’) very seriously and takes appropriate security measures to safeguard privacy and protect and manage any personal data provided by data subjects

How we obtain your personal data: You provide us with personal data from a questionnaire/consultation either online, written, email or the telephone.  This includes name, address, email address, and telephone numbers. It also includes details of your dog, including details of its age, gender, breed and behavioural issues. Further personal data may be obtained before, during and after the consultation procedure.

How we use your personal data:  Data subjects’ personal data will be used specifically to analyse, evaluate an individualised Rehabilitation Programme (referred to as: Steps to Calm) best suited to the needs of the data subject’s dog, consistent with a duty of professional confidence and the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)* We will also take reasonable security measures to protect your personal data in storage. *The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) may be contacted with any GDPR queries. 

We do: respect your privacy and work hard to meet strict regulatory requirements

We do not:  sell your personal data to any 3rd party

The General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR (May 2018) recognises there is a need to protect and to give the user greater control over personal data.  The rights of the individual include:

Right to be informed:  Why information is needed and how it will be used


Right of subject access:  You can request the personal data held


Right to rectification: You can have any incomplete personal data completed, but please note that if any individual is factually wrong then changing records of personal data will be falsification


Right to erasure: You shall have the right to obtain from the Canine Practitioner erasure of personal data if you have withdrawn from further provision of service from the practitioner


Right to restrict processing:  You can obtain your retained data from the Canine Practitioner in the following circumstances:

The accuracy of the personal data is contested by you and will be restricted until the accuracy of the data has been verified

The Canine Practitioner no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of provision of services, but it is required by you for legal claims


Right to data portability:  You will be able to receive your personal data in a commonly used format and have the right to transmit this data to another


Right to object:  Fern Ember Dog Behaviour should not have cause to process  personal data


Rights in relation to automated decision making: Fern Ember Dog Behaviour  does not carry out automated processing


For behaviour consultations: A non-refundable deposit of £20 is to be paid by BACS in order to secure the booking.

This must be paid within 3 days of the initial phone consult.

The balance is to be paid on the day of the assessment. If the session is cancelled up to 5 days before the appointment, this deposit will carry over to the new booking. If it is cancelled less than 5 days before, or for a second time then the deposit is lost and a full booking fee will need to be payed to secure a new date.

Please note that by starting the consultation process you are agreeing to the following:


  • You understand that we may have to work in conjunction with your Vet and that we may insist on a medical check-up and Vet involvement if it is felt appropriate.



  • You understand and agree that we reserve the right to terminate this Agreement at any time and refund your money in full or in part without any further liability or obligation to you.


  • You understand that your participation and involvement is a key part of accomplishing the agreed-upon goals and objectives.


  • You understand there are often no quick fixes and that it can take time and hard work to help modify a dog’s behaviour. You also acknowledge that some behaviours can only be modified and not totally changed. You also recognise that control and management is often the best option to remove stress and unwanted behaviours.


  • You assume sole responsibility for the behaviour of the dog and forever release, hold harmless, and indemnify Fern Ember or anyone working with or for her, from any harm or damage caused by you or your dog to any person or persons or property at any time.


  • Furthermore, you expressly and irrevocably forever waive and relinquish any and all claims against Fern Ember. You understand that Fern Ember is in no way responsible for the behaviour of you dog during or after training.




  • You recognise that the services offered are designed to provide science led, force free advice and suggested protocols to follow to aid in training and behavioural modification. The onus is on you, the client to do the work needed and to follow the guidance given.




  • If at any time during the training Fern Ember reasonably believes that the dog is ill, abused, exhibiting reactive, fearful, compulsive, anxious, phobic, or any behaviours that may interfere or endanger the health and safety of any participants or bystanders, including the dog, you agree that they may unilaterally end any training session.


  • The dogs’ welfare is always paramount. Some sessions may be cut short if the dog is exhibiting high levels of stress/anxiety. This can be decided by the trainer or by you or any of the dog's guardians.


Reactivity/(aggression) towards humans: The behaviour of your dog and the liability attached to that behaviour is solely your responsibility and will always remain so.

In the case of where the dog has a bite history - you understand that the only way to guarantee a dog no longer uses biting is to euthanise the dog. This is a recognition that no guarantees can ever be made about any dog that they will not show signs of biting or become dangerous.

By completing and sending the History Form you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Please state YES and your name against the following statement to give your consent for the use of photographic and video footage of you, your family and your dog on my social media pages, in my written publications and on my website and please write your full name at the end of the statement. If you would prefer that I don’t use such footage, please indicate this with ‘No’ and your name.

‘I give consent for the use of the use of photographic and video footage of you, your family and your dog on my social media pages, in my written publications and on my website.’


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