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Our dogs and puppies can often have changes in their lives that can leave them feeling confused and uncertain. Some dogs react to these feelings by becoming overly-excited or anxious. Our single Life Skills Foundation teaches you the core skills to help them through these feelings.

The session is useful for puppies/dogs who are showing one of the following:

  • Over excitement, such as jumping-up, overly boisterous play and inability to settle calmly with visitors

  • Stress and/or anxiety when leaving the house and on walks (this looks like reluctance to move forward and rushing to get home or back to the car)

  • Anxiety travelling in the car (where your puppy/dog seems reluctant to get in the car, and/or trembles in the car, and/or has motion sickness)

  • Mild separation anxiety

  • Mild to moderate fear of fireworks/noise anxiety


Fern teaches you training exercises and practical management solutions to help your puppy/dog become calm and confident in all situations. 

The 1-1 session lasts 60 minutes, allowing time for a brief discussion of your puppy/dog’s issues before moving onto practical work where you will learn: 

  • Foundation exercises for creating calm in all situations

  • Foundation exercises for building focus and responsiveness in all situations

If you would like specific work on recall, loose lead walking or other practical skills, these can be covered in further follow-up sessions.


The Foundation session is very practical and deals with one issue. 

If your puppy/dog has two or more of the above issues, please ask for information about our Thinking Dog Behaviour Programme. Please click here for further information: 

The Life Skills Foundation Session is not suitable for puppies/dogs with the following: 

  • Bite history towards people

  • Bite history towards dogs (including resident dogs)

  • Severe anxiety levels

  • Barking at other dogs on walks 

  • Barking at people on walks 

  • Persistent barking and inability to settle with visitors to the home 

  • Guarding food/toys/locations/people 

If your puppy/dog has any of these issues, please ask for information about our Thinking-Dog Behaviour Programme so that we can give you and your puppy/dog more in-depth support. 


Foundation Session:

£75 per 60 minute session

£18.75 per 15 minutes if the initial hour is exceeded

Follow up sessions:

£37.50 per 30 minute session

£18.75 per 15 minutes if the initial 30 minutes is exceeded

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