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Betty snoozing in the cabin

The summer has been filled with new classes, new connections with dog-service businesses in Lincoln, and a new cabin at the bottom of the garden where I get banished to write my book every now and then.

It's been a hectic, but exciting couple of months, barely dampened by the wet and drizzly weather we've had in the UK.

If you've been following my Facebook page and the old website, then welcome to the new, fresh and sparkly Fern Ember Dog Behaviour website!

If you've just discovered Thinking-dog methods and are looking for new ways of working with your dog, then welcome to the website. I hope you'll enjoy following my blog and discovering the joys of understanding and finding how to read and communicate clearly with your dog.

I will be blogging regular updates of the dogs that I work with, as well as details of classes and upcoming events. There will be new puppy classes coming in the New Year and Life Skills classes for teenage dogs will begin this Autumn, and will be held at Lincoln Canine Creche.

Social Skills classes have already started for dogs who have issues with other dogs and have been working with me for a while in order to build-up the skills needed to do group work.

It's been lovely to catch-up with some old favourites and many thanks to those of you who have sent me testimonials to update the new site.

Every day I get to do the best job in the world: working with dogs. Dogs who have been working with me for months; dogs who have been with me for years; new dogs who are just starting out learning the Thinking-dog way of life.

Welcome to you all.

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