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This is sweet 12 week Caesar and his skilled dad. 😊

We had our first session online 4 weeks ago. They came to us because Caesar's dad wanted to get everything right with his 8 week old puppy from the start. He's aware that Caesar will be a big dog and he wanted to lay strong foundations so that he raises a calm puppy who becomes a calm, nicely mannered dog.

He was a bit of a land-sharky pup at home wheh we first met, so we needed to get on top of his nipping because he lives with young children. Since that first session, his nipping has almost disappeared, other than if he's over-tired.

His dad has put a huge amount of work into positive, consistent training with clear boundaries. Caesar is happy to be confined in his room to build independence, and loves his daily training sessions. Plus he has amazing ears - you've got to love a pup with cross-over ears...

I don't remember the last time I worked with a 12 week old puppy who was so calm 😊 We covered a number of skills in our face-to-face session, because this is a boy who loves to learn. We built-in a lot of brain breaks so he could rest, and in between the down-time we did settle-mat work, loose lead walking and recall.

The photos and video say it all - this is a boy who is being raised to be a Thinking-Puppy. Calm, Connected, Comfortable = self-controlled all the way!

His dad is doing a lovely job with him 😊🐾


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