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LOVELY PUPDATE FOR LOTTIE. This is in her mum's words:

"So today me and my sister-in-law went to Clumber park with the Spotty Dog. We did the lakeside walk which is 5 miles long. And, oh my goodness Fern, she was amazing.

We saw loads of dogs and she said hello to all of them politely, without any grumbles. Ignored some but correctly ignored them.

She walked beautifully round the lake. To say I’m proud of her is an understatement. So thank you, because without your support and help the past 4 years I don’t think this would’ve ever been possible!" Working with our reactive dogs does take time - Lottie was very nervous of dogs and people because of some bad experiences as a pup. She could be explosive with other dogs, lunging and snarling to keep them away.

Rhiannon has done some amazing work with her. She's very knowledgeable and skilled and is Assistant Manager at the Tritton Road branch of Pets At Home. She specialises in nutrition, so if you need any dietary advice for your dog, pop in and see her.

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