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#OnlineDistanceProgramme and a catch up with Fred. He has made lovely progress from the barky, reactive boy who would shout at the slightest noise in the garden and get in a tizz about other dogs. His anxiety about human feet meant that he struggled with visitors moving around or trying to touch him, but he was recently able to attend a family 21st birthday party. He was a hit with everyone and, although he panicked a bit when a glass was broken near him and he got lost in a sea of legs and kerfuffle, his mum calmly took him away and they went for a walk to recalibrate until everything had settled down. He even found a friend next door- another JRT to play with safely either side of the fence, where many parrallel zoomies took place! He couldn't have managed any of this a few months ago and his progress is all down to his mum's incredible hard work and careful management. She always had a Plan B for every scenario over the weekend. When we have alternatives it makes us more relaxed and our dogs calmer, because we know we can deal with any eventuality and keep our dogs feeling safe. Lovely work from the whole family and great to hear that Fred is so much more calm and happy. Please get in touch if you live beyond Lincoln and would like support with your dog on our #ThinkingDogOnlineDistanceProgramme #JackRussellTerrier #AnxiousDog #ExcitableDog #DogBehaviouristLincolnshire #DogTrainingLincoln #DogBehaviourSolutions #HowToCalmYourDog #FernEmberDogBehaviour 

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