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Betty here. The schnippets and me decided it's about fumblin' time someone sorted Mrs Muvver's page out. It's way too seriarse and most of what she says is trollops.

This whole Schtinkin-Dog thing is a right pile of twazzle. She's got this thing in her head that goes: the dogs are thinking things through because I'm giving them choices.

Like I said. Trollops.

We're doing stuff for chookun. And sometimes for sossidge. And other sometimes for cheesey schnackerels.

All that Connection Game twazzle? It's about the chookun. Schniff Trails? Chookun. Getting out of bed in the morning? Chookun.

Even the schnippets have schussed-out that if they look schtoopid enough for long enough, they get chookun.

Not that they have to try very hard to look schtoopid.

In the interest of balance and public information, I've re-jigged Mrs Muvvers videos so that they make a bit of fumblin' sense. You need to click on this link.

Watch carefully. There's not enough footage of me, but I star in a couple of outschtanding cameo roles.

And remember. In these times of trouble, schod the bog roll. Schtock-pile chookun.

Love Betty Bundle Staffy Dog

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