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Willow is another of our Online puppies who has completed her Thinking-Puppy Programme.

She's a remarkable little dog who ended today by doing some loose lead walking in the garden, as well as a bit of recall work to finish her course.

Her family have taken things very slowly with her, gradually exposing her to new experiences each day so that she is never overwhelmed.

It can feel very slow, when you train a puppy to get used to the world in tiny portions. Willow is such an amazing pup because she hasn't gone for any walks yet. She's still at a stage of getting out of the car and sniffing about before going back home. She's been to car parks all over the local area and learned to watch things calmly from the car with the door open before progressing to being on the floor and sniffing about.

Each time, her mum waits for her to choose to connect with her, and then pays her really well. The result is a very calm, thoughtful little pup.

Building up her walks and focusing on loose lead skills means that she will always be as Calm, Connected and self-Co trolled as possible and will be the dog her family will love walking with for the rest of her life.

Well done to her family, and a huge beamy smile to her mum - it's been a real joy to work with them both over the last 4 sessions.

Please contact me for details of our online Thinking-Dog Puppy Programme if you have a new puppy. Ideally, the best time to start is at least 4 weeks before your puppy comes home so that you have all our course booklets to ease your through the first month of your puppy's life with you.


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